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Upcoming Events

Key Dates

2023-2024 Season

July 13-16: 2023 Excel National Final and Festival (Austin TX)

July 21-23: Chicago Open (Glenview)

July 31-Aug 6: National Showcase (Boston)

August 6: Adult Skating Clinic (Owens Center)

August 18-20: Skate the lake

August 26-27: Battle of the Blades (Fort Wayne)

September 6-8: Greater Chicagoland Fall Invitational

November 7-12: US Pairs final (Tacoma)

November 14-19: NQS Midwestern Sectional Singles and US Ice Dance Final (Bloomington, MN)

December 15: Winter Enchantment (Owens Center)

January 12-14: Synchro Illinois (Evanston)

January 24-28: Midwestern Synchro Sectionals (Wichita)

February 21-24: Syncrho Nationals (Las Vegas)

March 8-10: Midwestern Adult Sectionals (Sioux Falls, SD)

March 16: Spring Thaw 2024 (Owens Center)

April 3-6: Adult Nationals (Cleveland)


For more information about events and qualifying, please reach out to your coach!

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