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Jenni Flores

Jenni received her Bachelors of Science in Psychology.  She is PSA Master rated in Moves in the Field, PSA Certified rated in Freestyle and PSA Certified rated in Group Instruction.  She is a two-time Iowa State Champion and a USFS Double Gold Medalist in Freestyle and Moves in the Field.  She has passed three of her Four Pre-Gold Ice Dances, Juvenile Pair and 2nd Figure.  She is a CER Category A Coach and an ISI Gold Level judge.

Angie Payton

Angie received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 2013 at Illinois State University.  She is PSA rated in Registered Moves in the Field.  She has passed her Junior Moves in the Field, Juvenile Free Skate and Pre-Silver Ice Dances.  She is a CER Category A Coach and an ISI Gold Level judge.  Outside of the ice rink Angie spends most of her free time working with the Youth Group at her church.

Club Board Members

President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Test Chair, Public Relations, Fundraising Chair, Membership Chair, and Skate Safe Chair


Paula Church, Andrea Gagnon, 

Brittany Martzluf (Skate Safe),

Stacey O'Bryan, Annette Stuckey,

Tony Turner, Staci VanEtten

and Marty Williams


Elections are held yearly at the May board meeting and all officers serve 2-year terms.

Offices elected in odd years include: Vice-President, Secretary, Public Relations, Test Chair and Fundraising Chair

Offices elected in even years include: President, Treasurer, Membership Chair and Skate Safe® Chair

Have a question?  Contact us at

HOISC board meetings are held monthly.  All members are invited to attend and may email for meeting location, date and time details.

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